InHuman Trade

Human Trafficking is the De-humanisation of a Human Being. It is a global pandemic, which is not bounded by race or economic standing. It occurs in the poorest of third world countries to the rich corridors of the first world, wherein the basic human rights of trafficked victims, be they men, women, or children are completely violated. Anyone can be trafficked, from a new born child to an elderly person, but the majority of trafficked victims are women and children, who continue to be bought, sold, transported and held against their will in slave-like conditions.

Human Trafficking is just another name for Slavery. It is the buying and selling of human beings for monetary gain, or sometimes for obtaining a free service. It is a business that caters to the “supply” side, of the “demand” for human beings who are believed to be just another commodity.  Victims are used and abused and some sold repeatedly only to be disposed of once they lose their value in the trade. People are trafficked for a number of reasons, be it for a variety of sexual purposes, or for labour exploitation in various industries like construction sites, mines, sweatshops, restaurants etc. People are trafficked for their organs, for domestic servitude, as drug mules, as street beggars, as child soldiers, and the list goes on and on, but a large percentage of trafficked people are used for sexual exploitation.

Young girls and women are lured into the unknown with promises of a better life, better jobs, marriage, love, money or any such enticement. Once they leave the world they know behind them, they are thrust into a web of lies, deceit, sex, drugs, alcohol and crime, from which there is no escape.


Ruby's Story